Live The Life You Were Meant To Live

We have all heard this:
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”
So cliche, so old, so overused, and yet so true.
I believe it is important to pull inspiration and fulfillment from every possible situation. Even when things seem dismally bleak, we can search deep within ourselves to learn and grow.
Sometimes it’s very easy to gain inspiration and joy from a situation or event. A magnificent fireworks display, a beautiful sunset on the beach, or the birth of a child. These are the moments that remind us to live the life we are supposed to live, and to discover those moments in everything, so they become our life.
I remember going to the lake often with my family as a kid. Most of the time, the weather was pleasant. It was easy to have a good time swimming and enjoying the sunshine. However, there was one time it rained, forcing us to take cover. I can still remember standing under a pavilion by the swimming area with a towel around my shoulders. I was watching the dark clouds roll in. The sound of the pattering of rain on he roof, the distant peals of thunder, and the familiar smell of the ionized air, took me to a different place. It was relaxing and surreal. A whole different experience to a familiar occurrence. To this day, when everyone else is grumbling about a summer rain shower, I welcome it.
The death of my father was a terrible event in my life. He was one of the extremely few people that are on a higher level of endearment to me. He died at an early age; which isn’t fair. However, through all of that pain and sadness, I realized this: Death is a release. I won’t pretend to know for sure what happens to our soul when we die, but I know it lives on, somewhere. And that place is much better than the pain of suffering through the unrelenting, unmerciful, agonizing destruction in the wake of Melanoma skin cancer. He isn’t suffering anymore. So, I find a sense of peace.
Not all moments are ideal. However, we can often gain insight and knowledge from the worst of them. We can find peace in dismal situations. We can can learn and become better people.
So keep your head up. Seek those moments that take your breath away. Search them out and grab them, hold on tight, and squeeze every ounce of joy from their overflowing fountains. And search for knowledge and inspiration from those moments that tug on your patience and contentment.
After all, we have one life to live. And sometimes it’s easy to fall into despair during trying times. But if we learn to live, to truly live like we are meant to, to extract all the inspiration and understanding from every situation, the road of life becomes clearer and more navigable; and we can then, more thoroughly enjoy those moments that take our breath away.


I am a writer. I’ve known this since I was very young. Have I ever written anything that’s been published? No. The truth is, I’ve never really written anything that I’ve ever really finished. Assignments at school were just thrown together just before (sometimes minutes before) they were to be turned in. So, obviously, they were not what I would call “legitimate  writing”. I’ve started a few stories over the years, but never finished them. Then how can I say I’m a writer? Simple…It’s in me, I know it is. A day does not go by that I don’t say to myself, “I could make that into a story.” Usually several times per day. I develop stories and characters in my head constantly.
That is why I am starting this blog. It will be a vehicle to get this stuff out if my mind and into the minds of those who deserve it.  I want to be heard. I want to make people feel something through my writing. Strong emotions. I want to change people’s lives and help them become better people. Am I naive? Absolutely, but I believe you need to be a little naive to have the courage to try things. If I already knew how this would turn out, I probably would never start it. And that would be tragic.