Jumping In

I am standing on the Cliffs of Mediocrity, staring down into the Sea of Greatness.

But I am scared to jump in. I am scared to even put my toes in. Why?

Because I have been told that I cannot do it. And somewhere, deep inside, I sort of believe it.

Because, if I do jump in, I am afraid I will not be able to swim, and I will quickly drown.

Because I see very few people swimming in there, and they appear to be much better swimmers than me. How can I possibly swim with them?

Because I am afraid there is something in there that might hurt me…or worse…hurt someone else.

“Just forget all of that and jump!” I scream to myself.

So I gather all of my courage and strength. I announce to everyone around me, “I am going to do it!” I say, “I am going to jump!” Everyone cheers and encourages me. “You can do it!” They say.

But I just stand there, looking down at the beautiful water…and I do nothing…

And I slowly, carefully back away from the edge.


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