I am a writer. I’ve known this since I was very young. Have I ever written anything that’s been published? No. The truth is, I’ve never really written anything that I’ve ever really finished. Assignments at school were just thrown together just before (sometimes minutes before) they were to be turned in. So, obviously, they were not what I would call “legitimate ¬†writing”. I’ve started a few stories over the years, but never finished them. Then how can I say I’m a writer? Simple…It’s in me, I know it is. A day does not go by that I don’t say to myself, “I could make that into a story.” Usually several times per day. I develop stories and characters in my head constantly.
That is why I am starting this blog. It will be a vehicle to get this stuff out if my mind and into the minds of those who deserve it. ¬†I want to be heard. I want to make people feel something through my writing. Strong emotions. I want to change people’s lives and help them become better people. Am I naive? Absolutely, but I believe you need to be a little naive to have the courage to try things. If I already knew how this would turn out, I probably would never start it. And that would be tragic.